• A Tool for Healthcare Providers...

    COMT gives physicians and therapists tools to track patient recovery and treatment outcomes
  • Optimizing Workers Comp Injury Recovery

    COMT determines whether an employee will return to work and has reached MMI
  • For Nurse Case Managers...

    COMT helps you determine if case is progressing positively and costs are being managed
  • For Employers and Payors...

    A measurement tool to manage costs, ensure good medical outcomes and optimize claim efficiency
  • For Sports Injuries...

    COMT shows whether an athlete or weekend warrior is progressing to recovery
  • COMT is for patients with Commercial insurance!

  • Patient's achieve their goals!

“COMT: Maximizing outcomes through integration and innovation”


Outcomes Measurement

Measuring health outcomes is a key element in assessing patient care. Outcome measurements provide a clear picture of how the patient is progressing through the treatment plan and provides a reliable viewing of what the patient has, or in just as many cases, has NOT accomplished. By being able to identify which treatment methods are or are not working, practitioners can better monitor and reflect on treatment plans and adjust them accordingly based on the data received from the measurement of outcomes.

“I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.”
– Florence Nightingale

Value based health care

In a system where a fee for service model is becoming overly expensive and less efficient, healthcare entities are looking for innovative tools and treatment methods which promote patient focused care that is both appropriate and cost effective. Measuring outcomes is one of many tools available to assist in this endeavor. After all, bringing value into patient care is all about giving “the right treatment, at the right place, at the right time.”

Technology and Healthcare

In addition to emphasis on value based healthcare, we are also seeing a shift in the healthcare industry toward the use of telemedicine. Collecting biometrics, physical function, and other measurements over technology based platforms is creating a new channel of delivering effective patient care at a great value. Outcomes measurement tools and systems can be easily implemented onto these platforms and provide a consistent and trending report of patient data that can be collected by the patient anywhere, anytime.